“Gotta Get It Out”, nake as a jaybird

It was her, Anna-Mae…. Banks brought her there. To 281, she was on his back,..ridin’ him like a pony, only because he killed her. He was carrying her ghost on his back! She was right there in our home, naked as a jaybird as the saying goes. I had to tell someone, so I told Richard, her cousin, and his mom on the phone. He (Banks) was running, trying to get away. “Bruce, take me to Big Mountain”, or it might’a’ been Floyd, RedCrow… wannabe truck driver, Black Cloud, trying to use my name in that movie, “PowWow Highway”. It all fits together .. it’s Donna tellin’ me this stuff now, February 14th, 2015, Valentines Day! Man Baby, I miss you somuch, I Love You. You’ll always be mine. You stole my heart, my soul, mate! From day one, when the Iceman(me) cometh to your door, into your home, all the way deep, deep into the home of your soul. You welcomed me, kept me warm, and gave me shelter from the storm… where no one could harm or even find me, to your safe spot next to your heart. You shared your warmth and melted the ice mine had become as the two hearts became one, very clear and so near, the two became that one eternal moment that is forever…. You’re sleeping now and I miss you so, sometimes I wonder where did you go, even though I know, I still wonder… Damn! Man-God damn! Time to sleep, both of us. I’ll meet you in my dreams, right now… Night All… Conan missed ‘the 14th’ by 2 days, but Fu Shi pups didn’t! Aussome delivered right on time.The Dragon shifted its’ shape from the Earlier Sequence, the Primal Arrangement, determining events that are passing. Fu Shi has the Key… The ‘Wheel’ turns and the Dragon delivers. This backward movement folds up and contracts as time rolls on and the ‘seeds of the future’ take form… the Sequence of Later Heaven, the Inner-World Arrangement, the bones from which Chi takes form and grows. Thus begins the formation of another I Ching Family (37th Hexagram)…. but 2day is not the 14th of February. 2Day is the 25th of June, 2016! Seventy years past the 70th Anniversity of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, the 25th of June 1946, conceived through the mind of the paratroopers last jump as he rode through Paris on an Indian M.C. he borrowed from the goddamned army motor pool where my brother calculated payrolls 30 years later as I did my time with snakes and alligator! The soul of one pissed-off Pict is on its’ way, seventy twice, the wheel turns, it’s just a roll of the dice!